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How it works

T4S allows you to carry out a full research of the market for your project, even if it is just an idea. To run the analysis all you need to do is to provide a small description and some additional information.

Describe your product

Fill in the form with the story about your project.

Algorithm works

Our algorithm will process the input.

Get the report

As the algorithm finishes its work you will get a detailed report on the research.

What you get

The report will give you the most relevant information about the researched market, and thanks to Big Data technologies and Artificial Intelligence we will be able to define strong and weak aspects of your project.

Information about the market for you project

  • Trend availability
  • Market size
  • Investor activity in this segment
  • Average prices for the similar product at the market
Test idea

Information about the competitors

  • A list of the closest competitors
  • Information about the popularity of the competitors
Test idea

Recommendations for your project

  • Strong and weak aspects of your project
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Recommendations for monetization and cost of the product
  • A list of recommended sites for the promotion campaign
  • General assessment of the project
Test idea

What we use in our work

Themed mass media

We monitor over 10 000 themed mass media and blogs, which allows us to define emerging trends at the earliest stages.

Startup platforms

To get the most relevant information about different companies we use such websites as AngelList, Product Hunt, CrunchBase.

Big Data solutions

To process large amounts of data we use Bigml, IBM watson and other.

Artificial Intelligence solutions

To make more precise forecasts we use such services as Amazon ML, Azure ML, Google Cloud ML

Statistical reports

To get relevant information about the size of the markets and average cost of the products we use websites with statistics.

Completed market research

Completed reports on marketing research are an additional information source for the final assessment of the project.


of satisfied clients


research requests a month


mentions in media



Monitor emerging trends

With the help of our platform you will be able to monitor the emergence of new trends in your industry real-time. This will allow you to create a more efficient promotion campaign and you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.

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Choose a suitable subscription plan.

For your convenience we have two subscription plans.

Start Plan


It allows you to learn the information about the market for your project and try different features of our platform.

What is included:

  • Trend
  • Market size
  • Average product cost

PRO Plan

$9.99 /mon

This subscription plan allows you to carry out unlimited amount of research for the duration of the subscription. All features of our platform become available to you.

  • Trend
  • Market size
  • Average product cost
  • Competitors
  • Potential users (buyers)
  • Contacts of investors
  • Overall assessment of the project

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